Our Center

Our Child Development Center was founded and continues to be operated by First Christian Church Pomona. While our program is not religious in its content, it is informed by the values and ideals of FCC Pomona.

We are a fully licensed and insured Child Development Center. Our facility is equipped with centrally heated and air-conditioned classrooms as well as two well-equipped and shaded playgrounds with age-appropriate equipment.


At CDCFCCPomona, our rooms were designed to maximize space for multiple activities.  The big closets allow for maximum storage of supplies for arts & crafts, books, and other needs.  The rooms are spacious, which allows for rearranging at a moments notice.  There are multiple learning and play stations for the children to explore through active play.  To learn more about the curriculum within each room please visit our program page.


Our children’s library have over 1000 books for kids to choose from and enjoy reading.  We have a certified librarian who volunteers weekly, reading to each group in reading time, as well as suggests new books based on the curriculum we provide.



At CDCFCCPomona, we have several age appropriate playgrounds.  They are used daily, and depending on what activities are provided, there are different uses of the playgrounds.  We have a large space where we host our water activities, picnics and fun days.  Come and schedule a visit to walk through our premises at our Visit Us page.