Our Curriculum

The curriculum at First Christian Church Pomona Child Development Center is designed with each age group in mind. Beginning at 18 months of age our children are introduced to phonics utilizing the Zoophonics Program. Even our youngest children are encouraged to explore the world around them and begin to socialize with the children in their world.

We provide comprehensive instruction throughout the curriculum utilizing Zoophonics for 18 month-olds through five-year-olds. Zoophonics is recognized by educators, in the United States, as being a preeminent early childhood education program. We also use “Math Their Way” for math instruction. Math Their Way (www.maththeirway.com) is also another widely recognized outstanding early childhood program.

In a play-based curriculum, each day provides opportunities to learn about reading, writing and math through real, meaningful situation.

  • The two and three-year-olds receive readiness instruction in language arts, math, science, health, physical (skills) education, and art.
  • Our four and five-year-olds receive formal and direct readiness instruction in language arts, math science, health, social science, physical (skills) education, movement, and art.
  • Throughout the day, children have guided opportunities for play, academics, quiet time, individual activities, group activities, snacks, and a hot lunch.
  • Our curriculum provides opportunities for physical (skills) education, and story time provided by contracted and trained professional educators.
  • In all classes, the children are encouraged to explore the curriculum using appropriate manipulatives that are geared toward intellectual development. In addition, we encourage the use of the children’s imagination and creativity so that they can become problem-solving thinkers. At all times, inter-personal skills are a focus, helping the children develop in the world around them.

Staff Position Statement

The Child Development Center at FCC Pomona staff is very proud of its commitment to high standards of excellence serving children and their parents. The attitude of our team is that children deserve and will experience a positive environment. We must be deeply committed to the children’s well-being in every way.

We believe students need to have a balanced schedule. During our schedule, children should have enough time allocated for educational activities, relaxation and rest. A child’s primary years are the most critical and we strongly believe that the most powerful influence in teaching young children is by the example set by adult behavior. We are proud to be part of this team effort in building a better future for all our students from Pre-School to School age.

Our Staff

We are proud of our commitment to high standards of excellence. Our staff has been chosen very carefully in order to provide the best possible care and education for your children.

A Director oversees the overall operation of the school and has had many years experience in managing large and small organizations.

Staff members are certified in Early Childhood Development, first aid, and CPR. Full time teachers lead the 2 year old, 3 year old and Pre-K classrooms, providing continuity throughout the morning and afternoon. This allows the Center to provide learning activities throughout your child’s day that meet her or his developmental needs.

A California certificated librarian brings story time to life for our children. We maintain a staff that includes teachers who are fully bilingual: English/Spanish.

We employ people who are warm and nurturing, who understand child development, can apply their knowledge in the classroom and respect each child as an individual. We seek employees who are committed to working as a team with parents, colleagues and volunteers.

It is mandatory for each applicant to be subjected to an extensive background check before being hired.

This background check includes fingerprinting, police and FBI clearance and clearance against State and Federal lists of child abusers.