Our Child Development Center was founded and continues to be operated by First Christian Church Pomona. While our program is not religious in its content, it is informed by the values and ideals of FCC Pomona.

We provide two snacks a day and a hot lunch, following the Department of Education Child Nutrition guidelines.

The curriculum at First Christian Church Pomona Child Development Center is designed with each age group in mind. Beginning at 18 months of age our children are introduced to phonics utilizing the Zoophonics Program. Even our youngest children are encouraged to explore the world around them and begin to socialize with the children in their world.

We provide comprehensive instruction throughout the curriculum utilizing Zoophonics for 18 month-olds through five-year-olds. Zoophonics is recognized by educators, in the United States, as being a preeminent early childhood education program. We also use “Math Their Way,” another widely recognized outstanding early childhood program.

In a play-based curriculum, each day provides opportunities to learn about reading, writing and math through real, meaningful situation.

In all classes, the children are encouraged to explore the curriculum using appropriate manipulatives that are geared toward intellectual development. In addition, we encourage the use of the children’s imagination and creativity so that they can become problem-solving thinkers. At all times, inter-personal skills are a focus, helping the children develop in the world around them.

Here are our programs below:

Infant Toddler Program

Our infant toddler program is the flagship of our school, because we know that lifelong learning begins there. We provide:

  • a nurturing environment
  • active play
  • problem-solving opportunities
  • verbal skills development
  • physical development
  • assistance with independence necessary for later success
  • we follow your child care plan as done at home
  • teacher to child ratio is 1:4

Pre-School Program

The Pre-school program at CDC prepares your child for success as they enter into kindergarten.  They engage in language, art, music, numbers, reading, motor skill development and social adjustment through game-like instruction that allows for  exploration. They utilize a hands-on curriculum to advance social and self-help skills while developing language and thinking abilities.

We use Zoophonics, a Multisensory Language Arts Program that uses a “kinesthetic, multi-modal approach to learning all aspects of language arts, including vocabulary development and articulation, based on phonics and phonemic awareness.”

Green Parrots

In the green room we are developing many skills, such as:

  • Language Development through singing songs and reading to children
  • Fine Motor Skills through activities like play-dough and building type toys
  • Gross Motor Skills through outside play, dancing and games
  • Social Skills by close interactions during playtime, modeling behaviors like sharing and turn taking.

Yellow Canaries

Throughout the year we focus on teaching our students how to:

  • engage for longer periods of time
  • make connections
  • recognize similarities (patterns)
  • recognize upper and lower case letters

W do this by creating a dynamic and engaging curriculum which includes outdoor play and hands on experiments, all while maintaining student motivation.

Blue Jays

In the blue room we focus on coginitive skills, such as:

  • learning the letters of our names
  • numbers, shapes and colors

We focus on developing our fine motor skills, langauge and literacy development.  Our learning focuses  on approaches for self-regulation which is self-control of our feelings and behavior.

Red Robbins

The red room focuses on building a child’s social, emotional and cognitive deveopment as well as strengthening gross and fine motor skills.

The child are taught through zoophonics, site words, rhyming wods, shapes, number symbols, and sequencing, time concepts (days of the week, months, etc).  In addition, children are taught how to write their first and last names

Each month is planned with a different theme, opening up children’s enthusiasm for learning and to help expand their knowledge and skills in different areas.